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How to create a Hugo-based markdown blog

Step 1: The spark ignites

Oooh, look at this cool person’s blog post that was posted on Hacker News… Why don’t I have cool, minimal blog like this?

Step 2: Pick your theme

Spend two hours browsing minimal Hugo themes until you find one that’s simple yet functional.

Step 3: Simplify

Why does this “simple” theme include google analytics, disqus, and javascript auto day/night theme detection?

I should gut it of all the stuff I don’t need…

Step 4: Doubt

Do I really have anything interesting to say, anyway? Is there a point to all this?

Step 5: Persevere

No, you must do this, or you’re not a Real Developer.

Step 6: Publish

“Here’s a neat thing I learned about Rust…”

Step 7: Abandon

Last updated: August 1st 2017

Step 8: Repeat

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